Rules and Regulations

• The Safety, Fairness, & Total competition Experience for all competitors is always our priority.

• Proper competition uniform martial arts & belt must be worn representing your teacher & art form.

• The first to register will be the last to compete Self Defense divisions. All registration entries will be dated as received. Registration form or E-mail notice without payment.

• After preregistrations are received, bracketing will be determined to Assigned Rings according to age group.

• 3 Judges in all color belt divisions or experience of years White through Black – Self Defense.

• 3 Judges has Full control of the divisions

• Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification, this includes parents, fellow competitors, &
instructors, may result in being escorted out & off the premises. We reserve the right to refuse entry &
competition without reason.

• Each & Every Ring or cage will have a designated Ring Manager, Time keeper, Score Keeper.
• Maximum – 2 minutes
• Scoring will be based on strong basic techniques.
• Ties:
o First Tie – throw out High score
o Second Tie –Option to perform same or erent kata/form
o Winner will be determined by show of hands.
o Positive Coaching allowed
• Males must wear groin protection. MANDATORY. Optional and recommended for females.
• Head, hand gear & mouth piece is mandatory. Chest protector, shin, forearm, & face mask is optional.
• Green Belt or 16 years of age and below – No Face contact. contact in ALL Kids divisions.
• ALL Hand scoring techniques are One point. Foot scoring techniques are Two (2) Point. Groin is a target area (one Point Only) Must have control with no or lite contact and pullback.
• Black Belts & Brown Belts or 1 year or more of experience – Controlled Face contact allowed.
• 2 side judges, 1 middle head judge. 2 out of 3 judges must have majority hand vote on points. 3 Judges for
color belt white through brown belts. 5 Judges for Black Belts.
• One 2 minute round – highest score wins or first to 3 points wins in White through Brown belts. If tied after
time regulation. Over time next point wins. Black belts 2 minutes. First to 5 points. Tie after regulation time.
Over time next point wins.
• Out of Bounds. Any part of the body considered out of bounds by referees is NO point. Running out of the
ring is one warning . Then 2nd time point deduction
• All Kids divisions and adults Beg/Inter (wht-grn) – Automatic disqualification for drawing blood. Adult adv
divisions (brn/blk) – Disqualification for drawing blood will be at the discretion of head judge
• Positive Coaching allowed
• Every effort will be made so that same school competitors will compete in later rounds.
• Excessive and/or Malicious intent will be automatic disqualification.
• Ring or cage or open mat allowed.
* No kicking below the knees
* No elbows

No Muay Thai or Kickboxing style fighting